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Financial Planning

If you’re chasing your dream retirement, it all starts with good financial planning.

Having a plan in place is central to wealth creation and having that nest egg for a rainy day. Hotman & Brown’s Financial Planning Program has a dedicated wealth management team who can guide you and plan your financial future. With Hotman & Brown Financial Planning Program, we can get you from A to B and financially free in 15 years. We also have extensive expertise in self-managed superannuation funds (SMSFs). SMSFs are a complex financial area and managing one requires a high level of technical expertise. Book a free consultation and talk to us today about how we can help with your financial planning for the future.

Wealth Creation

At Hotman and Brown, we know that early retirement is a financial goal for many people. Nobody wants to work into their sixties, or even seventies for that matter. But it is common for people to lose track of where their money goes. With our financial planning program, we offer strategic financial advice and monitor your progress.

This means that you can rest assured that you are on track in your wealth creation journey, or your early retirement plans.

Common Strategies Implemented

Share Investment

In you are interested in investing, we have the ability to invest in Australian or international shares, based on your risk profile.

Investment Property

We formulate investment property strategies for our clients. This can involve assisting in purchasing the investment property, and/or doing all the calculations around it.

Fixed Interest

We like to balance out the portfolio with fixed Interest investments. These can be hybrid securities or term deposits. We do this to decrease the risk of the portfolio and to have fixed income streams.

Review Your Current Super

We review your current super to make sure you are not paying excessive fees and that it is invested based on your situation and risk profile.

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