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Accounting Services

Every business is different and has different accounting needs. We provide accounting support for a range of businesses of all sizes and reporting requirements.  

Business Development

At Hotman & Brown, we know how many hours go into starting a business. And while you know your business best; sometimes some sound financial advice and support can go a long way.

At Hotman & Brown, we are dedicated to giving you a greater insight into your business with objective advice, discussion and feedback.

Consulting Program


Our mentorship offers you a different perspective on your business, and challenges you to make changes when necessary. The hands-on approach mean you will always be held accountable to show up for regular meetings.


Our program relies on maintaining communication, with regular mentorship meetings and a structured approach to monitoring and maintaining your business’ cash flow and performance.


With the Hotman & Brown Business Development & Consulting Program, we offer strategic business advice. We provide a fresh pair of eyes and advise you on financial strategies that will enable profitable and sustainable growth.

Taxation Planning

Every business has to pay tax, while also trying to maximise profits. The challenge is how to do that while being compliant with taxation law. At Hotman & Brown, we offer accounting services, support and expertise to make sure that you’re always tax compliant––and on time.


We work closely with you to develop a taxation strategy that works best for your business. This makes sure that you don’t pay more tax than you need to. We also help you understand your figures, so we can work together to optimise your business’ performance for growth.




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