H&B Services


At Hotman & Brown, we believe in building a better future for all of our clients. As a company, we take a proactive, hands-on approach to what we do, and we actively work towards ensuring our client’s continued success.

Our comprehensive services aim to promote long-term results, driven by smart accounting practices that promote sustainable growth. We firmly believe that a company’s journey to growth and success can be helped by exceptional accounting services.

At Hotman & Brown, we know the true value of positive relationships. And that’s what makes us are more than an accountancy firm. Because we know that strong, lasting relationships are the true foundations of profit.

Explore our services below.

Accounting Services

Every business is different and has different accounting needs. We provide accounting support for a range of businesses of all sizes and reporting requirements.

Lending Services

At Hotman & Brown, we have strategic partnerships with financial brokers who can help you obtain the finance for your next move.

Financial Planning

Whether you want to buy your first home, plan for your family’s future, or become financially free, Hotman & Brown can help.